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We have carefully selected and partnered with the best Swiss Hospitals and Clinics 2023/2024 providing the very best facilities throughout Switzerland, the undisputed leader and the reference of extraordinary Swiss Clinics with State of Art treatments.
We are home to some most advanced Clinics and Switzerland Hospitals.

We assist our clients with finding the best Switzerland Hospitals and Swiss clinics for a wide array of treatments, ranging from anti-ageing, beauty procedures, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, addiction management, cancer treatments and anything else that you wish to cure, change or improve. We save patients valuable time by putting them in touch with the most competent Swiss Hospitals.

As well helping them to find the ultra-modern medical Switzerland-clinics that will ensure that the patients’ needs are handled with care and dedication. Through a combination of teamwork and our network we cover a full spectrum of medical services together with our Switzerland medical partners. We have gained our customers’ trust simply because we succeeded in understanding their most profound concerns and handled their needs with utmost care and dedication.

Health Hospitals & Clinics in Switzerland

If you’re looking to go abroad for surgery or a course of health treatments, you may be looking to Switzerland for your healthcare. It’s no surprise, as Switzerland is internationally renowned for having some of the most state-of-the-art healthcare centers in the world.

The best Switzerland Hospitals & Swiss Clinics 2023/2024

Clinic Les Alpes

Clinic Les Alpes, Switzerland

Pioneering Holistic Recovery in the Heart of the Swiss Alps. Clinic Les Alpes, a leading clinic specialised in the treatment of substance and behavioural dependencies as well as mental and emotional health.

La Prairie Clinic, Switzerland

La Prairie is unique in the world and benefits from a stunning location. It offers a unique concept of care and well-being in a quiet and upscale setting.

Genolier Clinic, Switzerland

Ideally located between Geneva and Lausanne, Genolier Clinic offers sweeping views of Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the Alps.

Biotonus Clinique Bon Port, Switzerland

The Biotonus Clinic specializes in so-called “lifestyle diseases” and has firmly built its reputation upon the quality.

Cecil Clinic, Switzerland

The ultra-modern buildings and the medical expertise are the results of a philosophy.

Villa im Park Clinic, Switzerland

 The private clinic Villa im Park is one of the leading private hospitals in Switzerland.

Calda Clinic, Switzerland

Calda Clinic is a worldwide unique, exclusive high-private Swiss institution that guarantees customized precision medicine.

Valère Clinic, Switzerland

Valère Clinic provides comprehensive, high quality treatment to patients.

Ars Medica Clinic, Switzerland

Ars Medica Clinic is the reference point for orthopedic surgery and traumatology.

Privatklinik Meiringen, Switzerland

In the Private Clinic Meiringen, Switzerland, people with all forms of mental illness are admitted. 

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to some of the best medical centers in Switzerland.

The Best Healthcare System Designed Only For You

Switzerland has some of the best healthcare centers, with some of the most comprehensive treatments in Europe. If this is something you’re interested in, you may wish to find out more. Just like its education system, Switzerland’s healthcare system is highly regarded. The Swiss attitude to its healthcare services is that only the best should be expected – and that goes for its medical procedures as well as their wellness treatments.


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Combination of Team Work

We cover a full spectrum of medical services together with our Switzerland medical partners.


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We save patients valuable time by putting them in touch with the most competent Swiss Hospitals

The Best Medical Treatments in Switzerland 2023/2024

Aesthetic surgery

For sure, you also know these moments: standing in front of the mirror and thinking about how great it would be having a smaller nose. Or that less pounds on the hips.


Switzerland Clinics in Dermatology brings you the most practical and comprehensive information on the treatment and care of skin, hair and nails disorders.


The Switzerland Hospitals and Clinics offers comprehensive assessment and care for a broad range of neurological conditions.


The Switzerland Rehabilitation Hospitals and Swiss Clinics offer top high-quality rehabilitation treatment and recuperation therapies.

Medical Check-up

A proper medical check-up can often be crucial in determining potential individual health problems, prevention options, or even to make early diagnoses.


Switzerland Clinics can provide you with first-class dental care at a time that suits you,  includes routine dental checks and all dental treatments.


Switzerland mental health and addiction treatment centers cover the widest range of psychological and dependency disorders with bespoke care plans.


Our Clinics offer a full spectrum of women’s health care services – from annual check-up packages and prenatal care to specialized gynecological care.

Heart diseases

Switzerland Clinics offers the whole spectrum of diagnosis and therapy for congenital heart defects of all degrees of complexity.

“Swiss healthcare certainly has an impressive international reputation, and that is due to its commitment to meet high expectations. Thanks to its high levels of insurance funding and punctual work ethic, patients often leave Swiss clinics feeling satisfied that their quality of care lived up to its exceptional reputation.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? head office is in Zurich area and we also maintain local presence in Geneva and Montreux.

What services do you offer?

The focus of our agency is to advise clients throughout the process of choosing the best medical service provider in Switzerland. This advice is based on our experience and the experiences of our existing clients as well as the carefully audited reputation of the clinics we work with. Our parent company Veltracon Lifestyle AG offers all types of VIP services, lifestyle management and concierge services to complete our array of solutions for international clients travelling to Switzerland for medical services.

What is the cost of your service?

Our medical consulting service is completely free of charge because we receive a commission from the clinic that our clients choose. We disclose this information transparently and there is no favouritism among the clinics as we make recommendations based on specialty and we have a standard commission which is identical from each medical partner. We therefore have no financial advantage in based on our potential revenue.

How long have you been doing this?

Our service has been in existence for nearly 15 years and have been serving hundreds of happy patients. Now we are operating under our current parent company Veltracon Lifestyle AG since 2015.

Can I bring my family?

Yes, of course you can bring family and friends. We will gladly assist you with all travel related wishes and requirements such as flights, booking of accommodation as well as rental cars or chauffeur service.

Are you a medical professional?

No, we are consultants with almost 15 years of experience in guiding clients from all over the world to finding the right medical service provider for their individual health requirements in Switzerland. We also have medical advisors who are trained professionals in different medical fields who we can call upon if we need specific advice for our clients.

Does my health insurance cover the medical services?

This depends on the individual coverage package of your insurance company. As a general rule, if it is wellness and beauty related, the services are likely not to be covered, yet if it is illness related, your health insurance may cover at least part of the cost.

Switzerland Clinics and Hospitals 2023


“Best hospitals and Clinics Switzerland 2023”

We concentrated on the treatment result. For this purpose, we have compiled all the key figures on the quality of the results into an overall score and compiled a corresponding hospital ranking. You will find Switzerland hospitals and Swiss clinics in the first places:

whose patients have expressed great satisfaction and / or
rarely had infections as a complication of the supervised operations and / or
rarely had re-entries because of the same illness (“relapses”)
in which hospital detritus has rarely occurred and / or
who have performed well in terms of quality of results in births (midwife survey) and / or hip surgery (physiotherapist survey) and / or
Have achieved the best mortality rates in the interventions monitored.

Only Switzerland hospitals / clinics with at least 3 nationwide comparable measurements on the above-mentioned topics appear in our overall the best list 2019.
Why quality of results?

The indicators of result quality have the advantage that they directly measure what is actually received by the patient – the actual success of the treatments and the absence of complications.

Another aspect of quality is the so-called “structural quality”. This includes, for example, the number of cases or personnel density. Such key figures are interesting, but conclusions about the success of treatment are only possible indirectly.

You can find further details on this list on the detail pages for each individual hospital (click on the name of the hospital in question). There you will find out exactly how the key figure “Total result quality” is calculated.

How do I find the best Switzerland hospital?

There are over 300 clinics and Hospitals in Switzerland. Which hospital should you choose if an operation is imminent? Many patients find the answer difficult. After all, if you don’t want to rely solely on your doctor’s advice, you can find out for yourself. This is not always easy. At some point it hits everyone: an operation is imminent. The first point of contact is usually the attending doctor, often the family doctor. He has probably also diagnosed the patient and recommends the operation – and also hospitals with which his patients have had good experiences so far. It is not uncommon for a clinic to be located nearby.

A study has shown that the most patients follows the recommendation of their family doctor or specialist. The proximity of the hospital to the place of residence is also important for many. In addition, the reputation of the clinic plays a decisive role in the choice of hospital. Advice from your personal environment

When you are faced with a hospital choice, you should not only trust the doctor, but also make yourself at home in your environment – in the neighborhood, in your club, with friends, relatives or colleagues at work. These are not medical experts, but they can report on their experiences. Advice from experts

If you are still not sure which hospital to go to, you can also consult our experts.

Quality Switzerland Hospitals 2023

Quality Switzerland Hospitals 2020 is an initiative for relevant and meaningful information on quality care in medical practices, medical networks, Switzerland hospitals and clinics.

The main challenges facing the Swiss healthcare system are growing cost and competitive pressure and the increasing willingness and ability of patients to choose between different services. In the future, the desired competition can also be fought out based on the quality of the services provided. The Swiss Quality Medicine Platform is also committed to the proper preparation of reliable indicators.

Switzerland Hospitals prepares reliable and comprehensible quality indicators
Medicine Switzerland Clinics focuses on direct patient benefit
Switzerland Clinics scrutinizes medical care services and quality activities with a view to the quality that reaches the patient.
Medicine Switzerland supports the professional, transparent discussion of individual patient benefits and possible patient risks.

Medicine Switzerland promotes professional exchange and creates a bridge to consumers, insured persons and patients.

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