If you’re looking to go abroad for surgery or a course of health treatments, you may be looking to Switzerland for your healthcare. It’s no surprise, as Switzerland is internationally renowned for having some of the most state-of-the-art healthcare centres in the world. Their approach to medicine combines the latest research with known holistic methods that are proven to work to ensure that all patients are comfortable during their treatment. Some have even claimed that the food on offer in health centres and clinics is an extra silver lining on their experience – no hospital food horror stories here.

There is no free healthcare

You might be interested to know that there is no free healthcare system in Switzerland. In fact, the average cost of healthcare services for Swiss citizens is around 10% of their annual salary. This means that everyone pays for this system using an insurance system, rather than through business and public taxing.

However, one aspect of this to consider is that, if you are visiting Switzerland for less than three months, your EHIC card may not be valid. If you are unsure, you should check with the authorities of the canton you are visiting.

Higher insurance premiums do not necessarily get you better cover

While Switzerland certainly relies on an insurance scheme, that does not mean that it reserves its best doctors and treatment for those who pay more. What you should be looking at, when it comes to booking your insurance, is what the service will ultimately get you.

It’s also worth noting that basic insurance will not necessarily get you your personal choice of doctor or the full price of an ambulance or helicopter. However, to really know what your insurance will get you, it’s always best to contact your provider and discuss what your insurance premium can offer you for your treatment.

No need for a referral

The quality of healthcare in Switzerland is exceptionally high, which mean that practitioners are also incredibly experienced and well-equipped to assess their own consultations. This, in turn, means that there is no need to see a local doctor first before getting a referral. You may find that many clinics specialise in particular types of treatment, and therefore, a consolation with a practitioner could be incredibly useful to get a full sense of what visiting will entail.

On top of this, Swiss practitioners do pander to one stereotype: they are known for being on time. Thanks to their healthcare system being so well-funded, health clinic practitioners are said to be punctual, and available on relatively short notice. The ability to skip long waits and queues is incredibly appealing for those who want a high quality service and don’t have to wait.

Swiss healthcare certainly has an impressive international reputation, and that is due to its commitment to meet high expectations. Thanks to its high levels of insurance funding and punctual work ethic, patients often leave Swiss clinics feeling satisfied that their quality of care lived up to its exceptional reputation.

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