Many factors contribute to feelings of burnout in the workplace, including organizational change, demanding workloads, competing priorities, poor communication, and interpersonal conflicts among individuals or in the group. Burnout may also result from personal issues or family problems that can make workplace pressures worse. Whatever the cause, burnout can have a negative effect on job performance, safety, retention, morale, commitment, health, and absenteeism. At some point, almost all managers face the risk of burnout. Burnout can have more serious effects on you and your company than everyday stress does, so it’s important to recognize and try to avoid this common problem.

We have a stress relieving program specially developed for busy paced lifestyles of today’s managers including a healthy diet, exercise and stress relieve treatments and further stress prevention.


The Digital Detox Program is an add-on to the other programs. The patient hands in his electronic devices when checking in and will have special relaxation treatments while being treated including a special sports program to be distracted from the withdrawal. This leads to a full relaxation and leaves all the work stress behind.

If you are waiting for important messages, our concierge will be available 24h a day for your needs and will help you with your correspondences non-digitally.


Dermatologie Le Mirador and the Kempinski Le Mirador don’t just offer stunning views, breathtaking nature surroundings and outstanding medical, SPA and fitness facilities, but also very helpful programs tailored to your needs by a team of experts. This includes nutrition coaching and fitness as well as a broad variety of sports offers.

With you, we will do a variety of fitness and nutrition check ups, allergy testing to see, if your body suffers from hidden allergies, which you haven’t noticed yet and which ulterior weaken your body. We will then after prepare a fitness program including our varies programs offered at Le Mirador as well as a, tailored to your bodies needs, menu plan by our gourmet restaurants. Over an 8 day period, you will be individually supervised by our experts, and together, we will reach your goals and set a new start for a healthier consciousness.

The program includes:

body analysis
allergy testing
nutritional consultation
personalized menu plan (Full board prepared in the vitalizing kitchen, in accordance with your menu plan)
1-2 courses a day, including Spinning, Body&Mind, Yoga, Aqua Training, Step,
Pilates, Zumba, Stretching, Aqua Gym and many more depending on the time of the year.
Personalized Gym Plan
Final body analysis

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