Every Treatment Strategy Is As Unique As The Client

There cannot be routine and automatism in psychiatry. Every of our treatment strategies is a one-time recipe, which is re-invented every time.

We invest a lot of know-how and time into an extensive interdisciplinary diagnostic as a basis for further procedures. The results of these thorough examinations are interpreted multi-dimensional within the team of specialists. The same team is responsible for the correct conclusions to be drawn and priorities to be set. Based on this, for each client a personal holistic treatment strategy is developed, which includes the optimum treatment duration, the private in-patient living situation and further bio-psycho-social aspects.

During the entire duration of the treatment every client is accompanied by a personal coach as a contact person. The coach is of the same gender as the client and has a psychological background. He or she is responsible for the support of the therapy process and adherence to the therapy plan around the clock. In case of unforeseen events to happen during rehabilitation the treatment strategy is immediately adapted.

Swiss premium standards and international flair

A pleasant stay eases the compliance to the therapy plan and speeds-up the healing process.

Zurich is known for its safe international airport, the confidential private banks, the exclusive luxury hotels, the renowned opera and the world-known Bahnhofstrasse.

Private residence

The location of our private residencies corresponds to the high Swiss standards. They are in a slightly elevated, quiet and favored location at the Golden Coast at the right lakeside of Lake Zurich and have a magnificent view of the lake and mountains. The spacious rooms in our residencies are the top in the whole of Switzerland.


Clients who wish to stay in a hotel can profit from our excellent relationships with the Zurich luxury hotels.


Our personal service team consists of the Client Service Director, the interpreter, the butler who cares for the client around the clock, the chef who besides Haute Cuisine enjoys fulfilling wishes and cooks according to the medical instructions as well as a chauffeur and limousine that are available at any time.

Swiss Understanding of Confidentiality and Security

An incognito stay is the best precondition for an optimum development of therapy.

The Calda Clinic does not claim any references. Confidentiality is the highest commandment. We do not confirm or comment any mouth-to-mouth advertising and do not keep any client lists. We do not publish any letters of thanks or recommendations, not even when we are allowed to. And not in any case do we publish letters of thanks anonymously as the contents could be falsified. In our fictional case examples in the section «THE CALDA WAY» we solely describe how the practice works.

Switzerland is known for reserve, discretion and security. Our precautions correspond to this.

Disposition of Discretion

Our security and discretion disposition is based on the following obligations and measures:

  • The medical team is bound to the obligation of medical secrecy. (Swiss Penal Code article 321, Health Law article 27 and 28)
  • All internal and external staff members sign a code of conduct, which obliges them to complete discretion to third-parties. The careful selection, respectful treatment and good remuneration of all team members contribute to performance of duties in the best possible way.
  • As our clients are self-payers no records at third parties like health insurance systems are kept
  • The electronic correspondence is encrypted by an IT security concept.
  • Our VIP pick-up service guarantees anonymity.
  • Every client is free to appear under their own name or under an alias
  • The medical records are kept encrypted and closed.
  • The domicile of our clients remains confidential to third-parties. Clients reach the elevator to their private rooms directly from the garage.
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