Anti-Aging Treatments

Patients visit Cecil Clinic on the shores of Lake Geneva for a wide range of specialist anti-aging treatments. If you want to roll back the effects of time and enjoy a quick, simple and long-lasting treatment that rejuvenates your skin and leaves you looking and feeling younger, we would like to invite you to discover more about our clinic and the treatments we provide.

Benefits of Our Anti-Aging Treatments

Designed to be as minimally invasive as possible, many of our anti-aging treatments for the face and skin can be completed in just a few sessions. Most are painless or involve very little discomfort, and they have fast results, with the effects sometimes visible in days or even immediately.

You will also be treated by an experienced medical professional specializing in anti-aging treatments, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Our Anti-Aging Treatments

We provide a wide range of anti-aging treatments, many of which require only a few short sessions and have results that last for months or years.

Facial Treatments

Our facial treatments rejuvenate your skin to return your youthful glow. Consider a thermalift to redefine your face to improve the tone and firmness of your skin through stimulating collagen production for long-lasting results.

Soft lifting is a way to redesign your face’s contours to resolve problems with hollowing or slackening. Quick and simple, it does not require surgery and has immediate results that last up to 48 months.

We can also offer you a lipostructure to reduce hollowing in the face. This procedure uses fat grafts to fill hollow areas and remodel the face to provide lasting results.

Lip Treatments

We provide a lip augmentation treatment that can have a dramatic impact on pinched lips. Redefine the outline of your lips using a simple biodegradable filler based on hyaluronic acid, and a couple of short sessions over a few weeks can produce results that last up to a year.

Skin Treatments

Revert the appearance of sallow skin using mesotherapy to rehydrate the skin cells and lead to firmer, glowing skin.

Get rid of wrinkles and expression lines with Botulinum Protein, a quick injection that has rapid results.

Treat deep wrinkles using biodegradable fillers like hyaluronic acid.

Use medical peelings to refresh your complexion and get rid of dead cells.

Non-ablative fractional laser treatment renews your epidermis by stimulating collagen production.

Photorejuvenation treats the top layer of the dermis using intense pulsed light (IPL).

Why Chose Cecil Clinic?

Cecil Clinic is located on the shores of Lake Geneva in Lausanne in a peaceful and relaxing setting. It has a total of 15 institutes comprising comfortable modern buildings, and we boast a high level of medical expertise. We are constantly focused on improving the quality of our care, and our medical experts provide a wide range of specialist treatments that produce quick and lasting results.

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Would you like more information about one of our anti-aging treatments? Contact us today at Cecil Clinic and we will be happy to explain more. You can also book your stay at the clinic to experience our treatments for yourself.

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