Clinique La Prairie has a reputation for excellence in Switzerland. As one of the leading private clinics in the country, it offers an extensive range of anti-aging treatments to regain your youthful composure, improve your skin and reduce your wrinkles – all without resorting to invasive surgery. Our treatments are quick, effective and long-lasting, and we invite you to find out more about our treatments and our clinic today.

Why Choose Our Anti-Aging Treatments?

We provide an alternative to complex and invasive surgery. Instead, many of our treatments are natural and minimally invasive, but they are still quick to complete and lead to fast results that are often noticeable in days. Our treatment combines comfort with advanced medical care, so visit La Prarie Clinic to experience the best anti-aging treatments and enjoy a pleasant stay while you receive treatment.

Find Out About Our Treatments

Our anti-aging treatments come in many forms. Some of our treatments require just one session, while others require sessions spread out over a few weeks. Here are some of our most popular.

Skin Anti-Aging Treatments

We offer an extensive range of anti-aging treatments for the skin, from mesotherapy, which helps to improve the appearance of sallow skin, to Botulinum Protein, for wrinkles and expression lines that uses biodegradable fillers for deep wrinkles. We also provide medical peelings to refresh your complexion quickly. Ask about all of our anti-aging treatments for skin today.

Facial Anti-Aging Treatments

The face is one of the most important areas to focus anti-aging treatments, and we offer a range of natural and quick treatments to rejuvenate your skin. A thermalift is a good option if you want to provide more definition to your face and improve its tone, and it works by stimulating collagen production. Or consider soft lifting to redesign the contours of your face and reduce slackening and see the results in as little as two days. We also provide lipostructure, an effective treatment if you have hollowing in your face.

Lip Anti-Aging Treatments

Lips are another important area of anti-aging treatments. We offer lip augmentation, which is highly effective for pinched lips, and the results can be dramatic. We use a biodegradable filler over a few sessions, and you can enjoy results that last up to a whole year.

Choose La Prairie Clinic for Your Anti-Aging Treatments

La Prairie Clinic (Clinique La Prairie) is located in Clarens, a small village in Montreux. The clinic opened back in 1931, and it has long focused on innovative and pioneering treatments combined with the very best of Swiss hospitality. It now boasts a team of 60 consultants, and we take a holistic approach for all aspects of healthcare.

Contact La Prairie Clinic Today

Please ask if you would like more information on any of our anti-aging treatments. Contact us today with any questions, or book your treatment directly, and we look forward to helping you with all of your requirements.

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