The Matignon Clinics are leaders in aesthetic medicine and strive to provide professional medical solutions that meet the needs of women and men of all ages seeking perfection, rejuvenation and harmony.  

The Matignon Clinic is a centre of professional expertise that includes specialists, surgeons, dermatologists and several laser technicians.

All these professionals take care in identifying and responding to patients’ needs in order to improve their well-being. Our services In order to treat each patient appropriately and to meet each request, the Matignon Clinic makes use of its knowledge and expertise in the most up-to-date proven techniques, as well as in a complete… Aesthetic Medicine Aesthetic medicine meets the various needs for improvement, rejuvenation, modification or reconstruction of women or men of any age using various suitable treatments that do not require invasive…

A professional team Professionals, carefully selected according to their training, track record, ethics and artistic sense, train the team of the Matignon Clinic Switzerland. Soft Lifting Skin Rehydration Lip Volume Medical Peelings Lipostructure Liposuction Meso-Haircare Ultherapy Liposonix Smoothing of Wrinkles Wrinkles (Botulinum Protein) Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid) Thermalift (Facelift without surgery) Photorejuvenation & Spots Hair Transplant Thermalift Body Treatment Excessive Perspiration Stretch Marks Facial Veins & Redness Permanent Hair Removal Meso-Cellulite Coolsculpting

Matignon Location



  • Avenue d’Ouchy 14
  • CH-1006



  • Avenue de Tourbillon 34
  • CH-1950



  • Chemin de Précossy 11
  • CH-1260



  • Rue des Moulins 4
  • CH-1800



  • Avenue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 7
  • CH-2000


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