Chief Doctor Halina Powder-kent

Medical doctorate from Munich University in 1992.

Researcher in the experimental cardiology laboratory at Munich Technical University’s second clinic. Assistant doctor to Professor S. Lukacs’s dermatology, venereology and allergy practice at Munich for several years.

Training in therapies using the KTP Laser, Ruby Laser and CO2 Laser. Doctor at Health Center Clinique Lémana since 1997. Chief Doctor at Health Center Clinique Lémana since 2001.

Doctor Emmanuel Sakellarides

Famh Microbiologist

Medical doctorate from Lausanne University in 1971.

Thesis on preventing hospital infections : “Contribution à l’Étude de Pseudomonas Aeruginosa” (Contribution to the study of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa). Head of bacteriology laboratory (general section) at the Vaudois University Hospital Centre (CHUV) and member of the hospital’s Antibiotics Commission for several years.

Discovered selective culture media for the rapid detection of the microbes responsible for hospital infections and thereby contributed to the creation of barriers against nosocomial infections. In response to a request from the Swiss government to identify bacterial toxins and other factors causing the death of Swiss forests. (Work ordered by Mr. Flavio Cotti, former member of the Swiss Federal Council).

Contributions and presentations of work conducted in his field to many scientific conferences in Switzerland, Europe and the United States. Author or co-author of numerous scientific publications. Responsible for the cellular material in Cellvital and scientific adviser at the Health Center Clinique Lémana since 1988.

Some Publications:

E. Sakellarides, Contribution à l’Étude de Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Doctoral thesis, Lausanne University, 1971.

E. Sakellarides, Maladies Sexuellement Transmissibles, Folia Chemotherapeutica Roche, Hoffmann-La Roche & Cie, Bâle, Pharma Suisse, 1985.

E. Sakellarides, “Sensitivity of Candida spp. toward 5-Fluorocytosine, Amphotericin B and Imidazoles”, Experientia, 36 : 1455, 1980.

E. Sakellarides, Study on the diseases affecting Swiss forests, 1989.

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