Revitalization and Anti-ageing

Medical Revitalization and Anti-ageing treatment:

Burn-out syndrome – occupational stress General reduction in vitality Decrease of the immune system Premature ageing of various organs and systems: heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, digestive system, blood circulation Chronic pains: migraines, headaches, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica Physical and psychological fatigue Lack of energy, depression   Endocrine disorders Sexual impotency Problems related to the menopause Osteoarthritis Stress related effects on homeostatic systems Arteriosclerosis of the cardiovascular system

What does Medical Revitalization and Anti-ageing treatment consist of?

The particularity of this method relies on stabilization and conservation technique of fetal animal cell extracts. This method allows it to entirely preserve the efficacy of its active ingredients. The Cellvital® material is rigorously controlled on the bacteriological and viral levels. Consequently the quality, safety and efficacy of the treatment are assured. This conservation method is protected by an international patent. It respects the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) prescribed by the European Union, as well as the norms of Switzerland Clinics. This Swiss authority of supervision controls the safety, efficacy and quality of the products on the market.

Results – What are the effects of the therapy?

A considerable improvement of the resistance to physical and psychological fatigue. ◦ Burn-out syndrome – Occupational stress ◦ General increase in vitality ◦ Reinforcement of the immune system The effects of Cellvital® therapy can be felt progressively several weeks after the treatment. They last several years, depending on the physical condition and age of the person. Each patient receives a personalized treatment adapted to his general state of health and specific requirements. There is no age limit to start a therapy. It is recommended to repeat a therapy every 2 to 3 years depending on the health and needs of the patient.

La Prairie Clinic Switzerland.

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This clinic is truly world renowned for revitalization and anti-aging as well as detox and cosmetic surgery. more…

Medical & Paramedical Care

  • Anti-Ageing & Revitalisation – General Medicine
  • Detox Treatment – Functional Rehabilitation
  • Stress Management – Post-Operative Stays
  • Weight Management – Addiction
  • Diabetes Management – Aesthetic Medicine

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Scientific Team

Chief Doctor Halina Powder-kent

Medical doctorate from Munich University in 1992.

Researcher in the experimental cardiology laboratory at Munich Technical University’s second clinic. Assistant doctor to Professor S. Lukacs’s dermatology, venereology and allergy practice at Munich for several years.

Training in therapies using the KTP Laser, Ruby Laser and CO2 Laser. Doctor at Health Center Clinique Lémana since 1997. Chief Doctor at Health Center Clinique Lémana since 2001.

Doctor Emmanuel Sakellarides

Famh Microbiologist

Medical doctorate from Lausanne University in 1971.

Thesis on preventing hospital infections : “Contribution à l’Étude de Pseudomonas Aeruginosa” (Contribution to the study of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa). Head of bacteriology laboratory (general section) at the Vaudois University Hospital Centre (CHUV) and member of the hospital’s Antibiotics Commission for several years.

Discovered selective culture media for the rapid detection of the microbes responsible for hospital infections and thereby contributed to the creation of barriers against nosocomial infections. In response to a request from the Swiss government to identify bacterial toxins and other factors causing the death of Swiss forests. (Work ordered by Mr. Flavio Cotti, former member of the Swiss Federal Council).

Contributions and presentations of work conducted in his field to many scientific conferences in Switzerland, Europe and the United States. Author or co-author of numerous scientific publications. Responsible for the cellular material in Cellvital and scientific adviser at the Health Center Clinique Lémana since 1988.

Some Publications:

E. Sakellarides, Contribution à l’Étude de Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Doctoral thesis, Lausanne University, 1971.

E. Sakellarides, Maladies Sexuellement Transmissibles, Folia Chemotherapeutica Roche, Hoffmann-La Roche & Cie, Bâle, Pharma Suisse, 1985.

E. Sakellarides, “Sensitivity of Candida spp. toward 5-Fluorocytosine, Amphotericin B and Imidazoles”, Experientia, 36 : 1455, 1980.

E. Sakellarides, Study on the diseases affecting Swiss forests, 1989.

The Science Of Medical Revitalization

What Is Cellular Therapy ?

Cellular therapy is based on the ability of biologically active cellular extracts from animal fetuses to communicate genetic information to other cells of our organism that are biologically attenuated. These cells are thus stimulated to produce proteins that are biologically more active. This acts to revitalize and regenerate the human body. Cellular therapy offers the following advantages:

Fetal cellular extracts are still little differentiated and are less antigenic, which means they are well tolerated by the human body. As they are in full biological vigor, fetal cellular extracts provide a beneficial stimulation that is felt throughout the body. The Cellvital extracts act as a model for the production of new proteins and integrate their genome into the human genome.

This integration of two genomes allows descendants to be produced that are suitable for synthesizing polypeptide chains which are free ofDNA transcription errors. These new proteins start a fresh multiplication cycle that is freed from all the damage accumulated during the passage of time or past illnesses. Studies conducted in German universities using cellular extracts marked with radioisotopes have proven that they migrate to the target organ. That is to say, extracts from the liver are found in the tired liver, extracts from the lungs are found in the affected lung and so on.

We can now say with certainty that the material in the injected cellular extracts targets the organs concerned and increases their overall productivity. Nowadays, it is thought that administering cellular extracts revitalizes and regenerates the human body’s tired organs by “reprogramming” their genetic material.

The Cellvital Method

In order to increase the safety and perfect cellular therapy, Dr. A. Pfister developed the Cellvital method, distinguishing it from all other forms of cellular therapy. Biological products and cell tissues are rapidly denatured by the action of different proteolytic enzymes that break down the living material of cells, i.e., proteins. It is essential that the cells and tissues be conserved in order, firstly, so as to maintain the biological value of the proteins contained in cellular extracts over time and, secondly, to give the laboratory the time they need to conduct adequate tests and checks in order to avoid all possibility of the presence of infectious or toxic agents affecting the cellular extracts.

The method of conservation is known as the Cellvital method. The Cellvital method is based on using a stabilizing liquid that is non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, sterile and measurable in which the different cellular extracts from animal fetal organs and tissues are diluted according to well-proven proportions. There is no freezing or freeze-drying (lyophilization).

Thanks to our unique know-how, secondary effects are very rare and are usually limited to small, local reactions. A thorough medical examination determines which organs are tired and require revitalizing. The patient can then be given all the cellular extracts that their body requires. Each organ is treated with cellular extracts from the corresponding organ and not with extracts from a single unique organ. Cellvital therapy is, therefore, personalized and targeted, and as a result, particularly more effective.  

Cellvital Cellular Therapy and Scientific Research

Even though the precise way in which cellular extracts regenerate the body and slow the ageing processes is not fully known, many researchers and theories try to explain this clinically proven phenomenon. Let us look at three of them : 1) Instability of the genome According to several researchers, as human and animal cells multiply, they produce new proteins that are defective or deficient in one or several amino acids.

This phenomenon is amplified by each cell division (Woytyk & Goldstein, 1980). The principal effect of administering cellular extracts is that they attach to the receiver’s genome like a genomic transplant. Cellvital cellular extracts make essential repairs and act as models for the production of new healthy proteins. 2) Free radical production Free radicals are atoms that have one or more “bachelor” electrons orbiting outside the nucleus. They seek other electrons in order to form a new stable particle.

Free radicals can be considered as damaging products created by cellular metabolism, in the same way as exhaust fumes are the damaging byproducts of an automobile’s engine (C.W. Olanow, 1993). Free radicals are unstable and attack cell components, damaging lipids, proteins and DNA. This process can start a chain reaction that results in illness. Some of their potential sources are ionizing radiation, ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and cigarette smoke.

Free radicals are known to be implicated in more than 100 illnesses. Cellvital cellular extracts try to prevent the formation of free radicals and repair the damage that they have already done. 3) Telomere theory The compound structure at the end of chromosomes in eucaryotic organisms is called telomeres. Telomeres are indispensable for preserving the integrity of the genetic material during each cell division. The length of the telomeres reduces with each cell division and, after a certain number of divisions, the chromosomes can no longer replicate themselves. Research has shown that adding an enzyme, telomerase, can stop telomere length reduction (L. Maillet, C. Boscheron, M. Gotta, S. Marchand, 1996). Cellvital cellular extracts regenerate chromosomes in altered cells.  

Tests and Research Conducted By The Health Center Clinique Lémana

Over the years, many improvements have been made to Cellvital production and preparation techniques and also to the tests, checks and trials of the finished product so as to guarantee its innocuousness, increase its efficacy and eliminate any possibility or suspicion of the presence of pathological or toxic agents. Examples of tests and checks Gradually, as research progressed,

Health Center Clinique Lémana regularly introduces new modifications in order to optimize the Cellvital material. Several years ago, for example, we introduced tests to check the proportion of proteins in Cellvital. This dosage, considered as a biological marker for the product, is a control that allows us to measure its quality. As a result, we can ensure that our product is always irreproachable and has a high level of biological activity.

Another test involves ensuring that Cellvital cellular extracts have no cytopathogenic effects on different cell lines when they are mixed together. This test is repeated for each cell line and each batch of Cellvital cellular extract. As a result, we are able to guarantee the innocuousness of our product on living cells. Scientific research To conform to new regulations concerning laboratory animals, Health Center Clinique Lémana already decided several years ago to stop conducting tests and experiments on animals.

Consequently the Clinic does all its research on cloned living cells in appropriate environments. These new methods offer numerous advantages, notably to ensure that the material has no cytopathogenic effects on the various cell lines. In addition, the possibility to observe microscopically the contrasts phases of the cell itself, as well as other specific tests, gives rapidly medically useful informations.

Experiments to determine the effect of Cellvital cellular extracts on the resistance and viability (number of divisions) of different cells or on micro-organisms have been conducted in our laboratories.

Previous experiments have shown the effect of Thymus Cellvital on cultures of Chorio-epithelium A 549 cells. Cell colony plaques that were in contact with Thymus Cellvital were larger and 50% more numerous than control cell cultures that had not been in contact with reference extracts. Cells that had stopped growing inMEM began to develop again after the adding of 1% of Thymus Cellvital extract. Preliminary studies have shown that Thymus Cellvital extracts have a positive effect on the culture of white blood cells, which are responsible for the immune defenses of the human body. Growth improved markedly and the number of daughter cells was increased.  

Occupational Stress

Work-related stress is one of the major curses of our era. It not only damages the health of people, but also affects that of companies, through reduced productivity, loss of efficiency and energy, financial losses, etc. According to the American Institute for Stress, it costs up to 200 billion dollars a year in the United States.

This is more than the total cost of all strikes. It is also responsible for the loss of more than 300 million days of work. According to the International Labour Organization, the number of people suffering from stress in the industrialized world has doubled in ten years. The French institute Société d’Enquêtes et de Sondages (CSA TMO) has shown that stress trebles the risk of cardio-vascular disease and induces sleeping disorders, depression, muscular and articular problems.  

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